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e-Builder® Module Breakdown

Get a Taste of the Time Tracking Module


Time is money and this module helps keep all your time nice and organized!

  • Time Tracking is its own module in e-Builder®

  • Users bill their time to specific projects and activities

  • Employees’ bill rates are configurable and invoices can be generated from an approved timesheet


Made simple to give users a great experience.

  • Users will use “your timesheets” to enter a timecard for the day or week

  • The user will then select the project and activity


Easily customizable so that it flows right into your current company structure.

  • Setup is done in the Admin Panel

  • You have the option to integrate with Cost

  • You can configure the “start” day for the workweek

  • You have the option to require a project or require an activity

  • Activities are also configured in the setup portion of the admin panel

  • Choose whether an activity is billable or not


Put together a workflow customized to work best for your company and ditch all the paper timesheets!

  • A Structured Workflow must be built for the approval process

  • In order to generate an invoice, you need to include an Automation Step or Process Spawn to kickoff an existing process

  • To design your workflow for time-tracking, you must scroll all the way to the bottom of the Administration Tools and select “Workflows”

  • You should also include an Error Hold Step and make the eB Admin the Actor so that they can troubleshoot any issues with the Automation or Workflow Override

Construction Course

Understanding Submittals

Having a good grasp on Submittals is a key step in making the most of your e-Builder® construction software. Let’s take a look at a typical Submittals scenario and break down its elements:

Aaron (Engineer): “I need a Material Test Report. Here are the specifications.”

Steel Supply (Supplier): “I received your request! Here is a submittal that should meet your specifications.”

Aaron: Reviews the submitted item and either approves or rejects it

A simple Submittal workflow may only involve the Engineer and Supplier, but a complex Submittal workflow often involves several layers that can include the Owner, Builder, Architect/Engineers, Suppliers, Subcontractors and more.

There are different stakeholders on both the owner and vendor sides, depending on what is being submitted and the individual or organization’s trade specialty. Likewise, there are often challenges or additional moving parts to the traditional Submittal process that can include: Expert opinions, communication (or lack thereof), speed, record keeping, etc.

Construction Trends

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  • Modular construction heights increasing

  • Technology supplementing, not replacing, human workers

  • Design-build’s popularity growing

  • Building lean cutting waste in all forms

  • More drones taking flight

  • Private firms leading high-speed rail projects

  • Gen Z growing up

Click the link above for more! (via constructconnect.com)


Get Your Questions Answered With Our Toast Expert – LOS!

e-Builder® doesn’t allow you to group a report by a formula column that you create, are you able to with the BI tool?

Yes, you can do that with the BI tool.

Is it possible to create a group to be used in a request comment? So like a user can request comment from a group of people?

Yes, follow these steps: 1. Click Contacts, then Groups tab 2. Add Group 3. Start typing the group name when requesting comment

e-builder comment request how to

If a request comment email gets forwarded along can everyone down the forward chain access the process instance?

Yes, they can see instances, attachments, and make comments.

Can you Import the MBE/DBE/WBE information for new or existing companies?

Yes, using a Company Import file, you can have these fields as columns with a Yes/No value and import the data directly into new or existing company records; it will display as a checkbox next to the field on the Classifications section of the company record

Leftover Bites

Version Control

The Version Control permission only provides the ability to Check-out/Check-in documents. Without this permission, version control still works if the file has the same name.

e-Builder Version Control

New Feature

Check out this nifty new e-Builder® feature roll-out! The message below now appears whenever you take action on a step, confirming the action has been completed:

new e-Builder feature

A spinner indicator (like the one below) also now appears as a process moves to the next step, letting you know that the action is in progress:

e-Builder in-progress indicator

Featured e-Builder® Consultant

Dan Edge – Consultant

Dan had more than five years of experience as a business analyst with e-Builder® under his belt before joining Avicado in 2018. Working primarily within the healthcare and higher education sectors, Dan is a versatile problem-solver who gets along with everyone he meets.

To learn more about Avicado’s team of experts visit ** https://www.avicado.com/about/meet-the-team/

Avicado Toast from e-Builder® Experts

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