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Remote Work Success Stories

Tickets, chats, pings – what works best for your team?

Over the past few months, our client’s have adapted to a fully remote workforce and we wanted to share some key strategies that helped keep projects on track.

Let’s walk through our first scenario with our good friend Mrs. Pit.
Mrs. Pit is an Avicado System Administrator working on the Greene Airport renovation project. Her team is utilizing ASK to stay on top of important requests, issues, and updates.
But first, what is ASK?
ASK stands for: Avicado’s Support Knowledgebase and is a helpdesk solution, that is efficient, accountable and measurable. It is designed to improve a team’s overall performance within the e-Builder® environment.

e-Builder® users can submit tickets via email, chat, or phone. They can request access to new projects, report issues, etc. This gives all Greene Airport e-Builder® users access to instant support where all tickets are streamlined to a central location. Here Mrs. Pit and her team:

  • Have visibility into all open tickets
  • Prioritize tasks ensuring projects remain on track
  • Group and tag tickets based on request (which you can later report on)

Mrs. Pit can assign open tickets/requests to the person who has the process or project specific knowledge to carry out the task keeping her team:

  • Accountable on tickets assigned to them
  • Focused on providing optimum support
  • Dedicated to effective problem solving

** The example below shows the use of a macro (or template) which allows for standard ticket responses to frequent requests

Mrs. Pit has access to a dashboard allowing her to:

  • Track the number of open and solved tickets
  • View turnaround time on tasks and tickets
  • Share data with Greene Airport leaders in a digestible format

Open Communication is Key

Your organization may not need to field hundreds of requests weekly; we’ve found dedicating a private slack channel to your team cultivates responsiveness and quick action with Avicado experts who:

  • Know the ins and outs of your organization’s e-Builder® set up
  • Are incredibly responsive and communicate updates/changes frequently
  • Are seasoned with on average 5+ years of e-Builder® experience

Let me introduce you to our client and good friend Tony, where you can see exactly how he utilizes this resource and how Daniel, an Avicado Consultant, jumps to action:

Client Quotes

Josh Mesa is much more than just Avicado’s most popular employee!
We appreciate all you do and your commitment to always providing A+ support and problem solving!

Leftover bites

Admin Corner

Familiarize your self with the new default password policies, and concurrent sessions changes, if your organization doesn’t meet or exceed the new restrictions contact us for advice!

Reassign an account code on a voided commitment:

1. Go into the voided commitment
2. Click the budget line item
3. Click Edit
4. Change the cost code via the drop down list

Detail Mode and Adjustment Mode in Forecasting

Detail Mode:
* Detail mode is providing individual forecasted commitments
* In Detail Mode, there is the check box to indicate when a forecasted item is committed.

Adjustment Mode:
* Adjustment mode is entering +/- entries to increase/decrease your estimate at completion.
* In Adjustment Mode, you would need to do a negative entry to “back out” the amount(s)

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