Improving Owners’ Experience with Construction Technology

NEW: Dodge SmartMarket Brief on Optimizing Construction Tech for Owners

NEW: Dodge SmartMarket Brief on Optimizing Construction Tech for Owners


Build Together, Grow Together


Avicado’s highly specialized technology consultants offer unparalleled industry insight and support for construction owners. We empower organizations to own their data and foster better collaboration, communication and project controls within their teams. Our services include:

  • Project Lifecycle Management

  • Program Performance Management

  • Business Process Management

  • Financial Management

  • Flexible Interfaces

Our Value

Avicado’s focus on the owner’s experience is what sets us apart. Managing multiple complex, large-scale construction projects? Avicado provides the technical support needed to get your projects structured, running and ready to report on. Deliver projects faster and make smarter, data-powered business decisions with Avicado.

  • Construction and Technology Experts

  • Improved Tools in PMIS

  • Professional Consulting and Best Practices

  • Custom Solutions in Development

  • Advanced Reporting and Business Intelligence

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Their knowledge of the industry and software has led to process improvements, a major increase in user adoption and improved end-user satisfaction.” —Executive VP, Design & Construction Management, HHC.

“The Avicado team was able to come in and provide the guidance we needed to scale to our entire department and site-specific project teams.”

—Hal Rolnick, Project Controls Manager, Facebook Inc.

Our Mission

Avicado elevates construction owners’ project delivery and operations with industry experts, PMIS and related tooling, data science and business intelligence.