Managed Services for e-Builder® Projects

Our managed services are customizable to match your needs and budget and may involve full or part-time assistance. Contact our team to discuss how we might help achieve your organization’s goals.

System Administration

Serving as your e-Builder® administrator, Avicado can relieve you of the burden of ongoing user support and system maintenance by providing you with a well-trained, consistent, and reliable resource versed in your organization and account. You’ll also benefit from our commitment to continuing education, with the goal of keeping your users up to speed on the latest e-Builder® updates and their benefits.

On-Call Support

Avicado’s dedicated, on-call user support “hotline” is designed to save your organization time, money and frustration. No more e-Builder® busy signals, long delays in getting answers, or losing time training a support rep on your system configuration and business processes. Your on-call Avicado resource already knows your business and can answer user questions, troubleshoot problems, document software defects, and assist with the resolution. The end result is a higher user engagement and system acceptance.

System Audit

Software adoption is more of a marathon than a sprint. If your goal is to take full advantage of e-Builder®’s power, let Avicado help maximize the return on your investment by engaging our industry product experts. We review your account, identify inefficiencies, and recommend best practices.

Business Analysis & Project Management

Whether your goal is to implement e-Builder® for the first time, expand use into new areas of the product or your organization, or integrate custom solutions for greater efficiency, Avicado can represent YOUR interests as your business analyst or project manager. We ensure your organization’s targets are met while keeping the project on time and on budget.