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Your October Avicado Toast Has Arrived With a new month of e-Builder® tips and news, lovingly prepared by your friends at Avicado. Our consultants and system administrators know e-Builder® inside and out, and we’re here to help. Think of it as the quick, hearty snack that provides just the e-Builder® boost you need each month.

e-Builder® Q3 Enhancement Analysis

We Love Continuous Improvement – Here’s Our Fav’s:

Manual Retainage

No more pesky rounding errors, keep your accounting records consistent with e-Builder® commitments for seamless integration.

Example: Sometimes, contractors are required to calculate retainage outside of e-Builder® based on their Schedule of Values. Upon entering these amounts into e-Builder®, the system will also calculate retainage based on percentages. This may lead to rounding differences based on the number of lines. Now, the retainage amount can be set manually eliminating any potential variances

manual retainage accounting

Editable Submittals

‘Accident forgiveness’ allows the Submittal Coordinator to tweak document information such as titles, eliminating significant rework.

Example: When a project requires a specific naming convention i.e. matching the description to the title, the Submittal Coordinator is able to make those tweaks without having to reject the submittal and redo the entire approval process.

submittal package

Below is a sample of the submittal in edit mode:

submittal edit mode

e-Builder® Module Breakdown

Get a Cut of Cash Flow

What is Cash Flow?

  • Cash flows help you measure and track cost over time

  • Projecting what money will be spent and what funding is needed monthly allowing you to maximize your investments Cash Flow vs. Forecasting (in e-Builder® terms)

  • Cash Flow is money “going out” over time

  • Forecasting is the adjustment of the possible cost to get an accurate Estimate at Completion (we think of it as qualitative risk management)

Interested Stakeholders

  • Project Manager

  • Director

  • Finance

  • Cost

  • Scheduler

e-Builder® Setup

  • Curve – calculation of how the money will be spent

  • e-Builder® has the ability to link to a schedule activity or manually enter the dates in the project details

  • Can Cash Flow based on Projected Budget, Projected Commitments, EAC vs. Actuals

  • Net Actuals does not include retainage held

  • Actuals includes retainage

Q&A Get Your Questions Answered With Our Toast Expert – LOS!

If a user overrides to a mail merge step, is it possible to capture that person’s name in the mail merge?

If a user overrides a mail merge that gets uploaded to a folder, their name will be the ‘Uploaded By’ user.

I have a process in e-Builder® with a mail merge step right before finishing. Can I do an import to the mail merge step to regenerate the mail merges? There are 400+ instances that are currently finished so I’d like to avoid having to do it manually.

Yes, however, the mail merge will create a new version of the document unless all previous versions are deleted before re-running the mail merge.

Is it possible to limit what templates are available when using the “print” function on a process? Can you only make certain templates available at specific steps? Or limit what roles can use which templates?

You can only disable all mail merges on a step. There are no role permissions or template permissions.

Leftover Bites

User Filter: e-Builder® has restored the ability to click enter when filtering for users in the manage users screen instead of having to click the ‘Filter’ button to execute.

ebuilder manage user filter feature

New Managed Calendar Button Exceptions: this allows you to add holidays or days that the team won’t be working in the schedule module. Name it with the start and finish date and you don’t get docked for those days with approved time off.

e-builder manage calendars feature

Featured e-Builder® Consultant

Bryan Byler – Managing Consultant

Bryan brings more than four years of e-Builder® experience to projects with over 15 clients across several industries. Seasoned in consulting within the healthcare, higher education, government and commercial spaces, Bryan’s strong IT background also makes him a great fit. You can always count on Bryan to bring a high level of energy and responsiveness to his work. To learn more about Avicado’s team of experts visit

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