Struggling with Reporting?

We’re Here to Help!

Avicado offers ongoing and as-needed support for creating advanced reports within e-Builder’s Standard Reports/Dashboards and BI Reporting module.

With our new BI Reporting Module Advance Support service, your organization can unlock unparalleled access to:

  • Creating e-Builder® reports that include desired data and visualizations

  • Producing clean, one-page project and program summaries

  • Building easier-to-read, more meaningful charts and graphs from your data

How to Get Started

Can you think of a report that you need, but don’t think it’s possible to get out of e-Builder®? It may be time to partner with a BI expert!

In one quick, 30-minute call, we will discuss your specific needs, feasibility within e-Builder®, and how Avicado can help add the most value to your projects and reporting.

No Minimums

Get the level of support that best fits your team’s needs. Support hours are estimated at the beginning and are used on an as-needed basis.

Contact us for more information about Avicado’s Standard and BI Reports and Dashboards Advanced Support services today.

Other Unique Benefits

  • Scheduling Gantt charts

  • Charting data to display information over time and drawing comparisons year to year

  • Data grouping and troubleshooting formulas

  • Identifying simplified versions of formulas to get the most out of reporting load times

  • Drilling into data hyperlinks

  • Loading images from documents modules

  • Producing chained reports and running one-page reports across multiple projects

  • Converting current Excel sheets into calculations using e-Builder®

  • Design assistance with calling out important elements of the data

Project Summary in Standard Reports and Dashboards

Check out this great webinar to see an Executive’s Program Overview BI Dashboard.