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Meet the Avicado Team

Avidahn Levin


will wood vp consulting

Will Wood

Partner, Vice President of Consulting

matt osborne avicado vp marketing salesMatt Osborne vp marketing sales avitar

Matthew Osborne

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Molly Levin

Vice President of People & Talent

Cole Brickley vp operations construction consultancy

Cole Brickley

Partner, Vice President of Operations

William-Kuntemeier director procore consulting servicesWilliam Kuntemeier procore consultant

Will Kuntemeier

Director of Procore Service Line

kathryn pizzo m365 services directorKathryn Pizzo avicado m365 sharepoint services

Kathryn Pizzo

Director of M365 and Sharepoint Services

Jillian Hayes Avicado ConsultantJillian Hayes construction consultant

Jillian Hayes

Director of Advisory Services

Stephen Vanrossem

Director of Implementations

Mitchell Miller

Director of Data Science and Business Intelligence

Dan Edge consulting program director

Dan Edge

Partner, Director

Dan Moskowitz

Principal Consultant

mateusz avicado consultantMateusz Piczura managing consultant

Mateusz Piczura


Carlos Otero

Principal Consultant

Paulina Zawistowska

Managing Consultant

Christy Mesa-Sheehan e-builder consultantchristy avicado consultant

Christina Mesa-Sheehan

Managing Consultant

mike rubin avicado avitar

Mike Rubin

Managing Consultant

aaron morency e-builder consultant

Aaron Morency

Managing Consultant

Rebecca Fiorentino

Managing Consultant

Daniel Gerardo

Managing Consultant

josh mesa avicado consultantjosh construction software consultant

Josh Mesa

Managing Consultant

shagun kumar M365 consultantShagun-Kumar avicado consultant

Shagun Kumar

Managing Consultant

kaylen bushell managing consultantKaylen Bushell avicado construction technology consultant

Kaylen Bushell

Managing Consultant

Hassan Tabatabayee managing consultantHassan Tabatabayee avicado construction technology consultant

Hassan Tabatabayee

Managing Consultant

aaron bailey avicado analyst headshotaaron bailey avicado analyst avitar

Aaron Bailey

Managing Consultant

olivia barrett avicado consultant avitar

Olivia Barrett

Managing Consultant

justin mitchell avicado procore consultantjustin mitchell avicado consultant

Justin Mitchell

Managing Consultant

Ryan Haack e-builder consultantryan haack avicado consultant avitar

Ryan Haack

Senior Consultant

christopher green consultantchris green avicado avitar

Christopher Green

Principal Developer

Ismael Abdirahman microsoft 365 developerIsmael Abdirahman avicado consultant developer

Ismael Abdirahman

M365 Solution Architect

Tara Lanier


Mo Dalloul


Lindsay Nichols avicado consultant e-builder

Lindsay Nichols


chelsea cohen consultant avitar

Chelsea Cohen


tariq ullah microsoft 365 consultanttariq ullah avicado microsoft power apps consultant

Tariq Ullah


Taylor Braunworth


jovi salas construction consultant commercialJovi Salas avicado consultant

Jovi Salas


susana solis construction program consultant

Susana Solis


Matthew Tomé e-Builder consultant

Matthew Tome


Emiliano Keough e-Builder consultant

Emiliano Keough


Lewis Allard sharepoint consultantLewis Allard avicado consultant

Lewis Allard


Rebecca Warner


Adam Schwartzman


Trish Barajas e-Builder consultantTrisha Barajas avicado consultant

Trish Barajas


luiz bahia avicado analystLuiz Bahia construction analyst avitar

Luiz Bahia


linda moon project manager system analystLinda Moon Avicado Analyst

Linda Moon


jose borunda construction program managementJose Borunda avicado construction consultant

Jose Borunda


Luke Kelley

Senior Data Consultant

Ilan Itzkowitz avicado data consultantIlan Itzkowitz data consultant avicado

Ilan Itzkowitz

Data Consultant

lissa peterson data science consultantLissa Peterson Data Science Consultant

Lissa Peterson

Data Science Consultant

chris gilhooley data science consultantchris gilhooley data science consultant

Chris Gilhooley

Data Science Consultant

mary newby avicado data analystMary Newby construction consultant avitar

Mary Newby

Data Analyst

Patty Newby


sang gyu lee avicado analystSang Gyu Lee data analyst

Sang Gyu Lee


anita feriati avicado analystanita feriati avicado consultant avitar

Anita Feriati


Grace Beck


angela harris construction analystAngela Harris avicado analyst

Angela Harris


Bill Duncan boomi integration consultantbill duncan avicado analyst avitar

Bill Duncan


Stephen Rodney


courtney sallas construction program consultantCourtney Sallas Avicado Procore Consulting

Courtney Sallas


Jenna Gatwood communications consultantjenna gatwood technical writer avitar

Jenna Gatwood

Technical Writer

nick caravella construction industry thought leadershipNick Caravella Avicado Product Manager

Nick Caravella

Industry Thought Leadership

jason fackler procore services account managerjason fackler procore team

Jason Fackler

Account Manager

Bruce Kelley

Business Development

Katia Ruelle

Graphic Design

jackie edge culture consultant

Jackie Edge

Culture & Engagement Consultant

Shannon MacNeil consultant

Shannon Macneil

People Specialist

Gabi Montesdeoca talent acquisition construction consultingGabriela Montesdeoca

Gabi Montesdeoca

Talent & Acquisition Coordinator

Valerie Masella operations consultantValerie Masella Avicado Operations

Valerie Masella

Operations Specialist

brian swanick operations consultantBrian Swanick integrations engineer avitar

Brian Swanick

Internal Integrations Engineer

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