Construction Technology Assessment Workshop

Empower your business with the expertise of our industry-leading consultants. Our thorough assessment delivers more than just insights – we provide actionable recommendations and enhancements, ensuring a tailored approach to elevate your business to new heights.

  • Avoid rework with proper planning and execution from the beginning

  • Save valuable time by leaving the heavy lifting to the technology experts

  • Foster collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure everyone’s on board

How it Works

Workshop Preparation + Survey

✔️ Before starting our workshop, we’ll review your existing process and develop an understanding of the key objectives for your team.

✔️ As part of our workshop planning, we will develop, distribute, and collect a pre-workshop survey from all stakeholders.

✔️ We’ll also develop and share the workshop agenda including topics, time-slots, and attendees, so all you have to do is show up!


✔️ Now it’s time to conduct the workshop. It will be broken out per topic and include interviews of key stakeholders, so we get input from everyone involved.

✔️After the session, we’ll document action items, key decisions, and parking lot items.

✔️ We’ll share the workshop recap with your team within one
business day.

Recommendations + Roadmap

✔️ After the workshop, we’ll document and elaborate on key decisions and recommendations decided upon.

✔️ We’ll then build an actionable roadmap with timeframes and sequencing of enhancements.

✔️ You’ll have the chance to review the draft with stakeholders, incorporate feedback, and issue to your team.

Enhancements + Other Improvements

✔️ Now we can hit the ground running post-workshop and implement
the agreed upon recommendations.

✔️ We’ll review and refine the roadmap as we progress with
enhancements to always ensure business impact and goals are being met.

✔️ We’ll start working on any “quick wins“ identified during the workshop right away!

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