Maximize Submittals: From Adoption to Ownership


Join our team of experts as we cover maximizing submittals.

  • We’ll cover key concepts on the value of having contractors use submittals in e-Builder:
    1. Terminology
      • Register
      • Packages
      • Submittal Coordinator / Reviewers
    2. Maximize owning the Data
      • Transparent information from start to finish
      • Reporting on exceptions
      • Easily owner in the process
    3. Get Contractor Data
      • ProjectSite Integration
      • Procore One Way Sync
      • Traditional Use (Imports)
  • What you’ll find in the training portion:
    1. Submittal settings
      • Complete Review Date Due Offset
        • Offset Type
      • Set up a folder to save all your submittal  documents to
      • Assign the Submittal Coordinator (more tips on this in the video!)
    2. Set-Up for Contractors
      • How to import contractor data
      • New Project Submittal Set-Up
      • Loading documents for each submittal item
        • Drag and drop
      • Create/populate a submittal package
    3. How to use submittals data
      • Different views
        • Submittal register
        • Submittal packages
      • Reports and Dashboards
        • Prevent submittals from falling through the cracks
    4. How to insert owners into the submittals process

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