e-Builder® Training

A trainer with knowledge of the software alone isn’t enough when it comes to bringing your team up to speed on a new system. The industry-experienced trainers at Avicado are uniquely positioned to coach your team on how to use e-Builder®. We set up your team to become experts in their own right, independent problem-solvers poised for long-term success.

Avicado e-Builder® onboarding and training

Whether you’re looking to train new users or bring in trade partners to collaborate on projects that realize the full potential of e-Builder®, our custom training guides are designed to reinforce learning.

  • Customized and industry-specific

  • Available for groups or individuals

  • Flexible, with the option to learn face-to-face or online

  • Proactive: We get your users into e-Builder® on day one, utilizing an assessment to target needs and dashboards to help track adoption and facilitate support

  • Hands-on, incorporating real-world examples illustrating e-Builder® features that will significantly streamline users’ day-to-day tasks and responsibilities

We work for you so that e-Builder® seamlessly becomes a tool—not a burden.