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Minding Your Metrics

Tip of the month: Once you commit to adopting e-Builder® as your construction management software solution, the next step is mastering how to use it to maximize your team’s performance. Avicado always starts at the same place: with your metrics. More often than not, companies are sitting on top of a wealth of helpful data they’re either under-utilizing or not taking advantage of at all. Using e-Builder®, your business can begin to easily set performance baselines and track against them. If you evaluate and structure your metrics properly from the outset, you’ll be poised to streamline organization, maximize efficiency and achieve faster construction process timelines. Let’s break down how Avicado gets you there:  

Step 1: Evaluate

Identify key metrics Is responsiveness one of your organization’s current problem areas? Which legal requirements need to be taken into consideration for a given project? Invoice approval time is another sore point that can be improved upon once metrics are set, resulting in measurable time savings. Reporting is your friend Embrace e-Builder®’s reporting tools. Our team has identified the previous 30-day and previous quarter timeframes as most effective in providing insight into metrics performance and tracking ongoing improvement.

Establish a baseline

Now you’re ready to set clear goals and expectations for the team, whether those align with an industry standard or create an entirely new objective. When it comes to invoice approval, for example, many higher education and healthcare organizations opt for requiring payment of invoices within 14 days of receipt.  

Step 2: Improve

Now that you’ve set goals and gained a clearer picture of your team’s current performance, it’s time to get nit-picky. How can you identify gaps and areas for process improvement? Are you ready to automate processes with e-Builder® Power Tools? Do you need to work on the basics first?

Dissect your current process

One of the biggest benefits of e-Builder® is that it empowers you to analyze your processes in detail. Let’s revisit invoice approval time as an example. With e-Builder®, you can easily track how invoices are received, approved and paid while logging the average duration of each step and discovering areas for improvement along the way.

Team Buy-In

In our experience, the most crucial part of using metrics to improve is earning buy-in from your team. It’s important to share the results of this discovery period with everyone involved so that all are aware of which metrics are receiving special focus and the necessary adjustments for achieving end goals.

Track with transparency

Dashboards are super helpful tools that provide visibility for your team and its progress toward metric goals. Maintaining an aerial view on statistics and spotting issues as they arise in real time will save you both time and money.  

Resource Management

Maintenance Release Highlight: This just in, you can now report on schedule resources in the standard reports module! The resource module is a great way to evaluate and predict labor costs based on your project schedule. It’s now easier than ever to access this information at a program level using standard reports and account level views. For help setting this up or additional information get in touch with our expert team.

e-builder maintenance release

Did you know?

e-Builder® achieved FedRAMP Ready status Earlier this summer, the e-Builder® Enterprise Government Edition project management information system (PMIS) became FedRamp Ready, incorporating built-in, federally-approved levels of security controls and compliance features not offered by public clouds. Previously limited in options for improving their project management efficiencies because of the lack of FedRAMP PMIS options, agencies can now utilize an industry-leading solution with e-Builder® Enterprise Government Edition. “To-date, we are the only construction program management solution for owners available that is FedRAMP Ready, and this expanded offering to federal government agencies allows us to continue to work with other large agencies who require this level of security and compliance for their capital improvement programs,” said Ron Antevy, President & CEO of e-Builder®. Want to learn more about e-Builder® and FedRAMP? Contact Avicado today!

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