Procore Connector e-builder power tool

Procore Connector: Connect Procore with Other Tools

Seamlessly integrate your e-Builder® and Procore workflows

What it does

In order to streamline this critical process for both parties, our Connecter tool drastically cuts down on productivity loss, slowed workflows and data entry errors. 

How it works

Builders create RFIs and Submittals within Procore, then our Connecter tool seamlessly syncs RFIs and Submittals to the owner’s tool to Procore and vice versa, or a mix of both!

Procore Connecter features:

  • Optimized to seamlessly communicate between the contractor’s tool, Procore and the owner’s tool
  • Easy-to-use interface allows both parties to monitor and control the data flowing between Procore and the owner’s tool
  • Communicates both ways, from Procore to the owner’s tool and vice versa.
  • Sync RFIs and Submittals between accounts
  • Interface to manually sync, edit settings, and make customization
  • Saves everyone time and money!

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