custom web forms power tool

Web Layout Editor Power Tool

More robust layout options and a sleeker interface for your e-Builder® workflow

What it does

Unlock the full potential of your e-Builder® workflow with the Web Layout Editor Power Tool. Our proprietary tool gives you the ability to start or take action on an e-Builder® process from your own website, as well as submit a form or kick off a process instance directly from the web.  Increase efficiency and improve the overall look and feel of e-Builder® for your organization.

With Web Layout Editor, you can:

  • Customize data entry screens to look and feel exactly the way you want them.
  • Configure the user interface with options for different landing pages.
  • Apply Field-Level Conditional Logic and other Advanced Forms capabilities.
  • Tap into more advanced If/Then logic capabilities based upon form or process attributes (e.g. dates, times, hold steps, automatic actions, etc.), and more!

How it works

The Web Layout Editor tool allows contractors and subcontractors to collaborate with owners more seamlessly. For example, you can tweak the look and feel of your e-Builder® data entry fields, landing pages and more to enable users to complete a process instance online that looks exactly how it would on paper. The Mail merge could virtually become the data entry screen for your organization, creating a more unified, sleek and professional appearance and experience overall.

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