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e-Builder® Module Breakdown

Get a piece of Planning!

Purpose: The planning module is for Directors or Program Managers to evaluate future projected spending along with current spending at a high level.

Benefit: This allows businesses to maximize return on investment and ensure financial resources are being used most effectively

Key required elements: Active projects, planned projects/scenarios, and funding What to do:

  • Create capital plan that consists of funding, active projects, and scenarios.
  • Setup scenarios within projects broken down by category and enter estimates for each line.
  • Setup a duration and a cashflow for expected spend.
  • Setup funding for the entire capital plan within the year that the funds are expected to be received.
  • Escalations can be considered as a percentage increase in the cash flow.

Here’s a sample:

Construction Course

Get a bite of Bidding in e-Builder®

Why an owner’s tool can help maximize bidding efficiency:

The 5 Phases of the Bidding Process

  1. Preparation of bid documents
  • It’s recommended to create a folder for Bid Documents as well as bid responses
  • If you are doing repeatable work, you may want to establish a Bid Scope Template, which can be imported for convenience
  • CSI- based Construction Codes may be used to format the bid
  • Bid Solicitation
    • Potential Bidders is where you will formulate your initial list of companies that you would like to bid on your construction project
    • Once you invite a company from the list in e-Builder, they are removed from the potential bidder’s list and move to “Invited Bidders”
  • Invitation to Bid
    • Emails will then be sent to all invited bidders containing necessary login information to the Bidding Portal
  • The Bid
    • The Bidding Portal has a different URL than e-Builder’s main site: https://bidders.e-builder.net
    • eB logins don’t work there, you must use the login credentials in the email you received
    • Bidders must Accept or Decline the Invitation To Bid (ITB):
  • Bid Review & Tabulation
    • Bids are automatically tabulated for easy comparison
    • Compare bids to estimated costs easily and quickly

Leftover Bites

Wondering what the checkbox below does?

On the RFI process there is a checkbox for “Reason Code”. Some of the processes only have 1 option selected whereas others have 2 or 3 options selected

  • It repeats the row for each value that was selected (in the event that the field type allows multiple values)

Report WITH the box checked:

Report WITHOUT the box checked:

  • Notice how the grouping appears different below:

**Pro Tip: You have to check this box if you’d like to group by responsible actor**

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