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ProLaunch Power Tool

The e-Builder® data tool you’ll enjoy using

What it does:

Some processes are ongoing and recur regularly, requiring users to go through the tedious task of opening e-Builder, creating a new process instance, re-filling out existing project information and updating any new information that has changed every time. Our ProLaunch Power Tool harnesses the robust raw data capabilities of e-Builder’s API to fully streamline process initiation.

Example: A project update is submitted weekly for leadership to review. Rather than requiring every PM (could be 30+) to remember to start a Project Update process each Monday, the ProLaunch tool could automatically send it to them at 9AM every Monday so they can enter their updates and submit.

With ProLaunch you can:

  • Automatically launch a process instance on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Generate project status updates for your team.
  • Update internal invoice processes, and more!

How it works:

Logging into the ProLaunch tool, the user authenticates using their API Key then chooses the project(s) for which the selected process should be initiated. The user has the capability to assign a recurring cadence to these imports as well as view/modify existing scheduled imports to add additional projects, change the time, etc.

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