automated hold step power tool

ProHold Power Tool

Easily put a process on hold and simplify closeouts with this automated e-Builder® tool

What it does

ProHold creates an automated hold step that evaluates when all of the spawns in an e-Builder® process instance are Finished, then notifies the managing user when all spawns are complete. This alleviates the need for a manager to manually check the status of each spawn or intentionally hold a process in his or her court for an extended period of time.

Example: Use ProHold when the final punch list walks and financial closeout processes are finished, but all the documentation is still being turned over and you only want to get notified once all the child processes are complete.

How it works

A process is initiated to start the closeout of a project. The process is intended to manage a complete project closeout that might entail many different aspects, such as final punch list walks, documentation turnover, financial closeout and other closeout items typically referred to as “Child Processes.” The project isn’t considered fully closed out until all of the child processes are in Finish status. 

With ProHold, the managing user is only prompted to take action on the parent process when all of the spawns are Finished. Implementing a hold step that automatically evaluates such conditions is a seamless way to free up time and reduce the burden on your users, only getting their attention when it’s really needed.

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