edit multiple processes power tool

Batch ProEditor Power Tool

Take action on multiple e-Builder® processes simultaneously with this simple yet powerful tool

What it does

The Batch ProEditor tool enables your organization to update multiple processes at once from within an editable table, similar to an Excel table format.

With Batch ProEditor, you can:

  • Filter processes by type, date, keyword, step, status, etc. from a dedicated page.
  • Click the Edit button to make all fields editable, with the option of limiting editing permissions to specific admins/user types.
  • Edit fields in the table as if you were in the native e-Builder® process.
  • Utilize an “Apply to All” function like in certain areas of e-Builder®.
  • Export/import with Excel.

How it works

Batch ProEditor gives anyone with heavy process volume (RFIs, Cost Management, etc.) the ability to easily view, edit and act on many processes in court. Admins and Power Users in particular would have the convenient ability to quickly add and modify data. For example, simultaneously populate the “Draw Number” field on all recently approved invoice approval processes with the Draw Number from the accounting system.

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