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Hey there toast lovers! Advanced reporting, RFIs and more served fresh to your inbox! Lovingly prepared by your friends at Avicado. Our consultants and system administrators know e-Builder® inside and out, and we’re here to help. Check out our new team page to learn more about your friends at Avicado!

e-Builder® Module Breakdown

Have an appetite for advanced reporting?

Advanced reporting can help you take reports to the next level:

  • Use advanced reports to group multiple reports into one or to get technical with the spreadsheet-like functionality you’re familiar with.

  • The enhancements to visualizations are great, when used as a scheduled report, key project indicators can be viewed seamlessly.

Allows you to report on all the details:

  • No limitation on the number of filters, and the syntax (AND, OR, etc)

  • Provides access to more data points

  • You can configure advanced filters, groupings, and formulas

  • Provides a more modern look to reports

  • Easy to use drag and drop feature

Here’s a sample:

e-builder advanced reporting

Construction Course

The RFI Recipe

RFIs are extremely common and can have a big impact on your project, below are some facts from the Navigant Construction Forum:

  • A survey of 1,362 projects, there is an average of 9.9 requests for information for each $1 million of construction worldwide.

  • RFIs account for an average of $859,680 per project which averages $1,080 per RFI.

  • It was calculated to take almost 10 days for the average response, with 21.9% of RFIs never receiving an answer at all.

  • US Contractors report that not only do over 20% of their RFI’s go unanswered, but 13% of RFI’s were classified as “not justifiable” by the recipient, primarily due to lack of centralized project data.

Create a more efficient RFI process by:

  • Limiting unnecessary reviews

  • Streamlining low-risk RFIs

  • Require a proposed solution

  • Ensure RFIs are tracked to approver’s court

  • Monitor RFI review durations with a live dashboard

efficient rfi process

e-Builder® is a great platform for hosting RFIs, if you would like to customize your RFIs that is something we can help with!


Get Your Questions Answered With Our Toast Expert – LOS!

I haven’t really used master cost before. Do you know why my master commitment lines aren’t showing up on my master invoice?

You have to assign the invoice to a project and then it will show up!

How is attaching backup documentation to a form different if you are the author versus if you are the recipient of the form?

The Recipient can only add attachments as a comment or attachment whereas the author can add a documents a file within the form in the case that the form was created with a file data field.

Can you automatically generate a Change Order (CO) mail merge that summarizes the PCOs (Potential Change Orders)?

Yes! That automation is possible.

Leftover Bites

Commitment Changes

While you can import commitment changes, you cannot update commitment line item custom fields vis an import. Only to new commitment lines that are a result of the commitment change will allow custom fields to be added via the import.

Below is the official response from e-Builder®:

“Currently the way import works is it does not update the custom field values for existing commitment items. If you are additional scope items then it uses the commitment item custom fields to set values for the newly created commitment items, but it does not change values for existing commitment items when doing a commitment change import”

Featured e-Builder® Consultant

Warren Jackson – System Administrator

When Warren joined the Avicado team in 2017, he already had more than a decade of customer service experience under his belt, most notably at Apple. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to be able to offer this service expertise to our customers.

In his short time with us, Warren has already has implemented innovative support solutions for a variety of client needs and has an average net promoter training score of 9.1 out of 10.

Learn more about Avicado’s team of experts.

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Avicado Toast is produced by Avicado Construction Technology Partners. With over $50 billion dollars in managed projects and clients in the Fortune 500, we know a thing or two about Improving your experience with e-Builder™. To learn more about Avicado Services visit www.avicado.com.

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