Avicado Global: Bringing Procore Training to the Netherlands

Read about our recent adventures to the Netherlands where Avicado’s Procore experts traveled to conduct in-person training for citizenM, a global hotel company reshaping the idea of luxury for travelers.

The Background

citizenM has been a long-standing client of Avicado for Procore services. Originally, the primary focus was to increase adoption for the U.S. based developments for project management and financials. Over the past 16 months, Procore user adoption has increased over 200% on their U.S. based developments. However, the adoption on the European and Asia based development projects has not been as exponential.

Value of Face-Time

citizenM solicited our Procore team to host a training for their international development teams in their Rotterdam, Netherlands hotel to kick-start adoption. Throughout two-days of on-site sessions, the Avicado team covered the gamut of Procore tools (Core, Project Management & Financials) along with the unique processes that were tailor-made for citizenM.

The team immediately saw how Procore can further innovate and streamline their processes for capturing and analyzing data. Prior to the training, many of the participants were skeptical that the software fit their needs. By the end of the training, with the help of Avicado, our teams received written statements from the participants such as “I was a skeptic, but I’m convinced now” and others describing the training as “insightful.”

What’s Next for citizenM Netherlands?

Near the end of the training, the teams began to understand how they can continue innovating how they aggregate and take their data to the next level, leaving citizenM coming back for more and signing on for more scope to continue optimization for the international teams to drive adoption.

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