citizenM & Avicado: Taking Procore Beyond the Box

Learn how Avicado helped citizenM take Procore from an out-of-the-box tool to a highly customized solution for their specific business needs.

About citizenM

citizenM is a global hotel developer, operator, design, and project management company reshaping the idea of luxury for travelers. Their unique aesthetic, design, and attention to detail makes them stand out from the crowd. In addition to their design, they also focus on delivering efficient construction solutions and construction technology that support the demands of their luxury footprint. Ultimately, citizenM aims to create a unique and memorable experience for their guests that goes beyond the typical hotel.

Before Avicado

citizenM had started using Procore, but had not fully adopted it. When they were met with a “use it or lose it” proposition from leadership, they connected with Avicado through the Procore Partner Network to help them improve adoption and utilization. citizenM needed a strategic partner who could take Procore beyond the box and create the right workflows and Standards Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure they had the adoption needed to continue their use of Procore.

“We can’t just crack open software and have all our problems solved; it’s why we trusted Avicado to take us beyond what comes out of the box.” —Ben McGhee, Project Director at citizenM Hotels

The Avicado Effect

Avicado evaluated citizenM’s current state to understand their processes and identify opportunities where Procore could be better utilized. Some ways we helped citizenM improve their utilization of Procore include:

  • Creating custom workflows within Procore
  • Creating SOPs
  • Providing training and regular office hours
  • Utilizing Procore Inspections to manage quality checklists
  • Implementing Action Plans
  • Generating insights using Procore Analytics
  • Introducing multi-currency support
  • Creating custom integrations

Use Cases

Here are a few examples of how Avicado helped citizenM optimize their use of Procore:

  • Quality Acceptance (Inspections) – Previously done outside of Procore, Avicado helped citizenM utilize the inspection template to manage quality checklists.
  • DPR Reporting – Previously done in spreadsheets and captured inorganically, Avicado worked with citizenM’s development controllers to create monthly reports that are fully supplemented with Procore templates and captured organically.
  • Custom ERP Integration – Our consultants’ knowledge of Procore’s API allowed us to architect an integration with citizenM’s custom built ERP and other systems.

In the end, we were able to increase citizenM’s adoption of Procore by 200%! We also saved them time by allowing them to focus on their day jobs and leaving the Procore tasks to the experts at Avicado. But the real impact is the priceless peace of mind citizenM now has when it comes to managing their construction program.

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