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Want to optimize your e-Builder® data?

Avicado’s Data Science Team can build you a hyper-customized dashboard that:
1. Reduces time to insight
2. Increases accuracy of insight
3. Improves engagement

These dashboards are highly interactive and can provide your team with a high-level analysis of the e-Builder® data your team has already been collecting!

Consider the following example:

The Avocado Farm Management Company has 3 different farms in North America: Fuerte, Haas and Arue.

Using a custom e-Builder® dashboard, Mr. Avocado Farmer can hover over each farm location to see a quick snapshot of the three most important stats: “Avocado Harvest,” “Seed Status” and “Water Usage,” with information based on data being pulled from his system in real-time. Your personalized dashboard built by Avicado could include schedule, financials and so much more.

e-Builder® entrée: The 100 Step Process

Have you ever seen a 100 step process? Check this one out, built by Avicado experts!

This Potential Change Order Process includes:

  • 126 data fields
  • 59 layouts (or “user interface screens”)
  • 100 steps exactly
  • 31 conditionals (blue diamonds)
  • 22 automation steps (green ovals)
  • 12 mail merges
  • 23 reports

Construction change management is inevitable in the construction industry. Things change, unforeseen conditions arise and life happens. It’s industry standard to manage these changes with 2 business processes:
1. Potential Change Orders (PCO) that get approved and bundled into…
2. Change Orders (CO) for official contract amendment

Your organization may use a different nomenclature but it’s likely that these 2 business processes (or some variation) are already in use.

Tracking these changes via e-Builder® can provide immense value to the project team in the way of:
* Ball-in-court accountability
* Automatic and real-time logs
* Visibility into status and progress
* Better financial reporting and projections

Often, for larger organizations with large construction contracts, these processes can be incredibly complex due to the mechanisms and language built into the contracts, and difficult to translate directly into e-Builder®. In these cases, there is even more value in capturing these processes via e-Builder® as they are more difficult to manage outside of a system. We recently deployed a solution for a large, complex agency that involved a 100 step PCO process that delivers this value, including fully electronic review and approval of construction changes that are in the hundreds of millions of dollar range.

Live from YouTube, it’s Avicado remote trainings!

In case you missed our latest remote trainings, click the links below to catch up!

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– 3 simple steps to start utilizing planning
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Building a Remote Action Plan:
– Report Module
– Continuing Education
– New Dashboards
– Requesting Comments
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e-Builder® Consultant

Cole Brickley – Data Science Consultant
Cole is Avicado’s designated Data Science/Business Intelligence Consultant, he specializes in creating data workflows to automate internal processes (example: project controls month end reporting) and building dashboards to visualize Key Performance Indicators for our clients.

Power Tool – Take @ction

Want to take action via email? l (https://www.avicado.com/take-action/) earn more (https://www.avicado.com/take-action/)

e-Builder® Power Tools built by e-Builder® experts with your team’s experience in mind!

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