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Want to see processes filtered by custom fields or other criteria?

Create a Process View

  • Users can make their own process view to show the information they want to see based on certain criteria.
  • Example: A user can view all the items in a certain step.

Need to access the same page again?

View Most Recent Pages

  • Most recent pages can be found under the client’s logo and it’s a quick way to jump back to any of the last 20 or so items you’ve opened in e-Builder®.
  • Example: You had a process open and then closed it but then 10 mins later need to get to it again, you can access it quickly from this drop-down!

Want to add stamps without having to download, stamp and re-upload a document?

Set Up Stamps

  • Your eB admin can upload specific stamps and tie those stamps to a User, Selected Roles, or make it available for anyone. The flexible permissions add additional peace of mind for those who need to access the stamp without fear of having it used frivolously.
  • Example: If there is a document that regularly has to be stamped as Reviewed, Received, Rejected as an additional visual indication.

Always checking the same report?

Set Up A Report Subscription

  • Subscribe to a report and receive it in your email, you can choose when and how often!
  • Example: Get your daily site report, monthly budget, and RFI status report ready in your inbox when you walk in to work in the morning!
  • Add from Setup | Subscriptions | Reports

Want to use existing data to auto-populate a subject?

Set Up a Process Subject

  • Data that is provided within the process (Submittals in this example) can automatically populate the process subject. This would be auto-generated based on data already in e-Builder®. It provides consistency when navigating processes, reports, etc.
  • Example: When navigating a submittals process you can keep the selected fields consistent.

GuacTalks – an Avicado Webinar!

Grab the chips and join us at Avicado’s GuacTalks coming soon to a computer near you! But first, tell us what you’d like to see!

We’re a team of e-Builder® experts with over 60 years of experience and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Our mission is to improve your experience with e-Builder®, so tell us what you would like to see!

Is it Planning? Cost? Schedule?
Tell Us!

February Features – Don’t miss these!

Power Tool – Process Editor

e-Builder® Power Tools built by e-Builder® experts with your team’s experience in mind!

Need to edit and/or act on many processes at once – learn more!

e-Builder® Consultant

Cole Brickley – Data Science Consultant
Cole is Avicado’s designated Data Science/Business Intelligence Consultant, he specializes in creating data workflows to automate internal processes (example: project controls month end reporting) and building dashboards to visualize Key Performance Indicators for our clients.

Avicado Toast from e-Builder® Experts

Avicado Toast is produced by Avicado Construction Technology Services. With over $50 billion dollars in managed projects and clients in the Fortune 500, we know a thing or two about Improving your experience with e-Builder™. To learn more about Avicado Services visit www.avicado.com.

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