Why You Should Choose a Software Company Backed by Hard Business Skills

Selecting a new construction software company to work with is no simple task. Questions about whether a platform is technically the right fit and meets all of the unique requirements of your organization are usually top of mind when it comes to bringing a new construction technology partner into the fold. However, this decision is one of the most crucial steps an organization can make toward ensuring healthy growth and long-term success. 

In reality, a company’s technical background is just one factor to consider as you set out on this journey. Your potential construction technology partner’s business acumen—from communication skills to the ability to identify and implement best practices, to being valued collaborators in meetings and more—will ultimately play an outsized role in the success or failure of the relationship.

Below, we outline six reasons why business experience and industry know-how are just as important as software experience when it comes to selecting a construction technology partner, and why Avicado is equipped to maximize your construction technology investment.

  • Foster business efficiency

Avicado experts have nearly a decade of experience working closely with enterprise partners on more than $50B in managed projects. From developing workflows to implementing best practices and providing ongoing support, Avicado takes your business efficiency to new heights.

  • Maximize ROI from the tool

A good software company knows the platform inside and out. A great software company has the robust business skillset to identify exactly what your organization needs to get the most out of the tools, and then execute on point and on schedule.

  • Drive the use of the software at end-user and executive levels

Different teams require different sets of guidance, instruction and insights into the software to achieve the best results and full adoption of your construction technology. From high-level analyses to granular, day-to-day details, Avicado consultants impart the strategies and tools at every organizational tier to drive the use of your investment to the max.

  • Benefit from your partner’s active participation and expertise in meetings

As the subject matter and industry expert, it’s vital that your software company not only takes the lead in onboarding, training and other early initiatives but that they also serve as a continuing resource and active participant in the platform’s continued success. Avicado consultants are excellent business communicators who know exactly when to step in and guide the conversation, making valuable contributions, observations and giving feedback in meetings and one-on-one. 

  • Get tailored technology advice on big-picture goals

Avicado isn’t afraid to dream big for our partners. We know that buying into a construction technology platform is not only a significant investment but also a huge time and resource commitment to the future success of your organization. We listen carefully to your questions, concerns and requirements in order to fully understand your long-term vision and goals and help you see them through. Our extensive business background also provides opportunities for your organization to visualize possibilities it might not have before.

  • Staff augmentation at your fingertips

When resources feel stretched and large-scale or complex projects loom on the horizon, it might be time for your company to staff up. Rather than expend already precious resources acquiring and onboarding new talent, Avicado’s industry experiences consultants allow you to expand your current staff with specialized experts whose skill sets already perfectly align with your individual needs.

Not all software companies are created equally, and not every construction technology firm has honed the hard business skills essential to setting their partners up for lasting success. Contact Avicado today to learn more about what we can offer your organization beyond just the software stuff—because real, long-term success in business hinges on the relationships built between real people.