Use e-Builder® for Document Turnover

Accurate, efficient, and organized from start to finish. 

Set the scene: A recently completed project, led by Mr. Pit, just finished updating 15 buildings at Avicado University. Let’s follow Mr. Pit through the document turnover process and see how e-Builder® has made it a breeze! Prior to using e-Builder® for document turnover, Mr. Pit would receive all the files in a hard drive without a folder structure, making it quite a feat to find the appropriate documentation when needed. As an owner, Mr. Pit is now able to take control of how files are organized by utilizing e-Builder’s process module. 

Goal: Accuracy 

  • Mr. Pit has a process instance created for each document that needs to be turned over.
    • This ensures that each instance is gathering all the proper information and no documents slip through the cracks.
  • To make sure important documents are complete and final, he sets up an audit step with the engineers.
  • Example: An operation and maintenance manual for the AHU (air handling unit) in the Business building gets reviewed by the normal reviewers and has a 20% chance of being audited by the engineers.
    • All of which is automated in the e-Builder® process.

document turnover process

Goal: Efficiency

  • Prior to project closeout, Mr. Pit created a predefined workflow review process within e-Builder®.
  • Making it easy to ensure appropriate actors determined by the workflow are reviewing, approving, and rejecting documents in a timely manner.
  • The minimal amount of additional reviews or audits to complete the goal of having updated record documents.
  • Example: The Health Sciences building has 45 light switches throughout it. Since the light switch documents were previously reviewed in the submittal process, they require little to no additional auditing and are streamlined to the finish step where they are organized.

** BONUS Create advanced reports in BI that show Outstanding Turnover Documents, Total # Rejections by Document Type or Reason, and % Approved **  

document turnover dashboard

Goal: Organized 

  • Mr. Pit’s predetermined process allows items to be broken up by discipline, document type, or associated equipment prior to being finalized in the repository.
  • Along the way, reviewers ensure the documents get tagged with relevant building, location, and other defining characteristics that ensure it’s super easy to find later!
  • Example: A water pump manual for the Engineering building will be tagged with “engineering_level1_mechroom_o&m_waterpump_installation-and-operation-manual”

break up items by document type e-builder


Mr. Pit saved so much time that he and Mrs. Pit are going on vacation this summer!

the pits