Use Processes for New Project Set-Up

New Project Best Practice

To help facilitate get new project shells up and running, utilize the power of Processes.  


  • Within the process, you can have much of the Project Details information pre-populated, and reviewed prior to the new project getting created. 
  • The workflow can go thru as many people as needed to vet, validate, and approve the creation of the new project. 
  • When all said and done, the final step can go to your e-Builder® Administrator, who can then utilize the data to quickly create the new shell project within e-Builder®. 
  • Along with that, checking off that the appropriate templates have been applied prior to finalizing the process.

See the image below for the details : 

If there are multiple templates to choose from, that can also be configured into the workflow. 

For example, there may be a standard budget template for a Lab renovation vs. a new office build. 

Attach the templates to the process for references.

You can also allow for a custom template as well, that can easily be imported once completed by the project controls / project manager.