How Government Transit Agencies Benefit from a Dedicated PMIS—And What They Might Still Be Missing

It’s no secret that government organizations must juggle numerous essential day-to-day tasks while also navigating a higher than average amount of reporting requirements, regulations and oversight. A Project Management Information System (PMIS) is one tool government agencies can utilize to ensure overall better accountability, efficiency and transparency—pillars of any successful organization involved in the public sector.

The benefits of a properly configured PMIS are illustrated especially well within government transit agencies, many of which Avicado has had the privilege of partnering with. Like most organizations, transit agencies are required to report and track data in very specific ways. Working within a government framework, these requirements can become complex and cumbersome, with much of the work often being performed manually and at the expense of other critical tasks. 

Government owners: Configuring your PMIS to generate automated versions of these reports will save time and free up resources for higher-priority items. Let’s take a deeper look at the many ways a government organization can and should get more out of its PMIS.

Put data in, get data out

Many organizations spend a significant amount of time and money configuring and building a system to collect all sorts of data and information. If a rollout is successful, the organization’s user base spends more time inputting data into the system. Sadly, so many organizations stop there, failing to use their data in any meaningful way. Avicado helps organizations output data from their systems so they can turn around and use it to make decisions that will lead to upstream efficiencies and time savings. 

Track and meet requirements more efficiently

By configuring your organization’s PMIS with the aid of Avicado experts, owners gain access to:

  • Streamlined and automated reports;

  • A single source of truth;

  • The elimination and/or reduction of manual error;

  • Time savings and analytics;

  • Better use of data, leading to better decision-making and cost savings.

Gain better overall insight to make overall better decisions

A well-structured PMIS allows a transit agency to make better predictions. Better predictions allow for better planning, avoiding unnecessary costs and accomplishing more with a team that’s less bogged down by tedious manual workflows.

Improved funding reporting (summary and cash flow)

Reporting on funding is extremely important in the government sector. Oftentimes, government organizations are tasked with projecting their cash flow according to the funding source. Many PMIS tools struggle to achieve this due to a lack of industry standards or norms—it can be tough building these standards into a system since they vary slightly from organization to organization). The result is a very belabored manual effort that eats up a lot of precious time. Avicado’s breadth of industry knowledge working with several government transit agencies makes us ideally positioned to configure your organization’s PMIS, allowing you to easily track and report on cash flow by commitment and funding.

Improved project status reports

Working alongside Avicado, your organization can optimize its PMIS to more accurately and efficiently report on Cost, Schedule, Scope and Risk. These types of reports allow you to identify issues with a project before it’s too late, giving ample time for course correction. Don’t wait until a project is already over budget and behind schedule to implement changes. Use these reports to forecast issues and make crucial decisions earlier on.