Top Reason an Organization Will Struggle with Enterprise Integrations

The Top 5 Struggles of Enterprise Integrations

1) Platform Challenges

  • Attempting integrations on applications that should be replaced – If it is unsupported, has a terrible interface and just sucks… then why are you using it?  Is the risk worth it?
  • Avoid File Transfers and Non-Real Time Data Integrations
  • Avoid custom development and 1-off integrations

2) Incomplete Requirements

  • Inability to define deliverables and the outcome of the integration
  • Understanding there is always a phase 2, even after phase 2.
  • Be involved during the design and requirements gathering phase – Both IT and the business users should come to the table to the willingness to learn and contribute to the project.

3) Performance

  • Lack of planning or scoping on system performance at project inception – always plan and consider the 3–5-year goal.
  • Improper investment in middleware or software BUS
  • Cloud Architecture vs. On Premise

4) Error Handling and Exceptions

  • The OOTB error handling and exception process is never enough – you will need more information to help you solve the problem
  • These issues and errors need to be separate from what IT can handle vs. the business end user.
  • Lacking a tool or interface to easily correct or edit the data that is causing problems.
  • Inability to locate and or fix issues at their core / source

5) Managed Services and Support

  • Inadequate Reporting and or Support in your final solution, usually for cost reasons.
  • Internal team availability for troubleshooting
  • Lack of in-depth knowledge of custom business rules and or solutions
  • Managing and supporting the integration are just as important as designing and building it

Author: Stephen VanRossem, Director of Implementation & Integrations. Read the complete bios here.

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