What’s New in e-Builder’s March 2022 Compass Style release?

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“Classic” style was used prior to 2019 and has a light blue and grey interface. Use the yellow “Switch to Compass Style” toggle button to try Compass Style. 

The ‘How To’ . – Told by Rebecca 

Classic to Compass. Make the Switch.

Dear Fellow e-Builder Users,

e-Builder’s 2019 Compass Style makeover will finally be permanent on April 22! 

Project Compass is e-Builder’s enterprise initiative to visually improve the user experience by making the tool easier to navigate and manage projects. Compass Style was debuted in December 2019 and gave users the ability to switch from the “Classic” grey interface to the new  “Compass” interface which boasts bright colors, bolder fonts, and clearer graphics. 

Users prior to 2022 currently have the ability to switch back and forth from “Classic” to “Compass” style once they are logged into their e-Builder accounts using the toggle button located at the top right corner. This toggle button will no longer be visible on April 22, and user accounts will automatically default to Compass Style. 

Note, if you are a newer e-Builder user, you were automatically given the “Compass” style without the ability to see the original “Classic” style toggle button, and this update will not impact your account. 

If you are still using the “Classic” style, we encourage you to toggle on “Compass” style so you are prepared for this update. Note, user functionality will remain the same, and updates for Compass Style are on the color scheme only. 

Have questions about the new look? Want to learn more about “Compass” for your business?

Rebecca Fiorentino, Managing Consultant