Making a Business Case for Construction Technology Adoption


While software often offers a point and click solution to our problems, selecting the right technology for your company is never as straightforward as we want it to be. The team at Avicado has been helping Construction Owners across the world get the most out of their technology solutions.

Our Advisory services team is ready to help you make the right choice for your organization.

Understanding the Risks

Before starting with any technology adoption, it’s important to understand the risks associated with this change to your business. Some of these risks include:

Change Management

  • What teams will be impacted by adopting a new process and technology? Have they been engaged, and do they understand how their work will change?
  • Is there a work plan for adoption, training, and implementation that will help your end-users be successful in using the new solution?
  • How do your vendors and external collaborators interface with this solution and how do you set them up for success in this transition?

Cost and Effort

  • Has your team determined the effort involved to evaluate solutions? Will there be pilot projects where the business case can be validated?
  • What is your budget and timeline for not only the technology, but for the implementation across your business?
  • Do you have champions selected to help ensure this solution is viable and can be a resource to the team with questions during the transition phase?

Risk Management

  • What risks are you facing today with your current process? What are you trying to improve?
  • What risks will you face as you move toward a new process? How are existing risks mitigated and managed?
  • What disruption will your team experience during roll-out? Will there be impacts to on-going work or is this something to be started net-new?

Building a Business Plan for Tech Adoption

After taking some time to understand the risks your team will face, it’s time to put a Business Plan together to outline the Return on Investment (ROI), your stakeholders, and your strategy for adoption!

Describe Your Current State

  • Develop an understanding for the existing process as well as the current people and technology involved in your current solution.
  • Uncover what pains exist, the impacts of that pain, and what you’re looking to improve.

Identify Implementation Budget and Timeline

  • Come up with an understanding around the associated costs of acquiring and onboarding the technology.
  • Develop a rubric to help you evaluate various solutions and the benefits/risks associated with each.
  • Dig into what a reasonable test of the solution may look like and determine who your champions are for ensuring a successful pilot.

Talk to Your Stakeholders

  • Include everyone that participates in the current process and identify everything they like, and feel could be improved.
  • Figure out which parts of your process are essential to keep and how new portions of your process fit into that plan.
  • Think about your data strategy and how information is expected to flow from one platform or team to the next.

Determine Target Outcomes

  • What insights do you hope to gain from this new strategy?
  • What benefits and improvements should your teams expect to see?
  • How do you plan to measure the impact toward those outcomes to gauge a rollouts success?

Interested in learning more?

Regardless of where you are on your construction technology journey, Avicado is ready to help you get on your way. We have expertise in technology implementations, construction, real estate and design to help create solutions for a variety of programs and projects. Whether it’s via strategic consulting, program management or project management, our team brings clarity to complexity and supports your long-term business goals.

Our Advisory team can provide expertise to any team, no matter where they are in their adoption journey. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you build your next technology adoption business case or learn how you can get more from your current technology stack!

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