Avicado on the Road

Avicado spent some time on the road in February. We really enjoy spending time with people in our industry learning more about the challenges they face, new ideas or even just to share fun stories.

Here’s our recap!

Infraday Florida:

Jason Fackler represented Avicado at the Infraday Florida conference. He connected with Owners in public sector and attended breakout sessions with discussions related to infrastructure programs, investments and strategies. With a focus on Digital Transformation and Technology Adoption, the panel discussions gave perspectives from a variety of organizations.

We’ll be attending other Infraday events later this Spring and hope to connect with you there!

CURT National Conference

Christy Hunt made the trip to San Antonio for the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) National Conference. Their theme was “Construction in a VUCA World – Volatility | Uncertainty | Complexity | Ambiguity”.

There were some great sessions that covered ways to accelerate digital transformation, tips to ensuring investment money is aligned with your capital planning strategy, ways AI can help megaprojects and a great panel discussion on women in the construction workforce. Check out Avicado’s Women in Construction !

Some key takeaways:

  • Early Alignment – collaborate with all stakeholders and stay connected on the project and its drivers
  • Focus on Best Practices – utilize training and root cause analysis
  • Continuous Improvement – track and measure information to drive towards improvements


In Denver, CO, Nick Caravella met up with a cross-functional group of owners, agencies and technology companies to dig into the details on specific topics related to facets of the managing projects and programs within a Common Data Environment. Attendees discussed trends in AEC integration technology and workshopped challenges in project collaboration amongst stakeholders.

Western Winter Workshop

Christy also attended the Western Winter Workshop where capital program executives, contractors, consultants and technology providers meet up to focus on the shared goal of improving project delivery. Sessions included panels of CEO’s, Leaders from Higher Education, Airports, Transportation, Behavior Health and more. Owners shared their challenges with a need for more revenue as people return to work, travel, school, etc. This has spurned the need for creativity in using different delivery methods and finding better ways of doing things. Key takeaways:

  • Keep an eye on the big picture
  • Be ready for change
  • Create partnerships with your key vendors
  • Communicate in a variety of ways with your stakeholders
  • Invest in training new hires, especially in younger demographics

COAA Florida Spring Workshop

Dan Moskowitz made the trip to COAA’s Florida Spring Workshop at the University of Florida. One session focused on the delivery of projects at the university, including a major dorm project. It was a great opportunity to connect with some former colleagues and to tour the UF campus facilities. Be sure to check out Dan’s LinkedIn for some more pictures – he’ll take your questions there too!

What’s on your event calendar for 2023? Be sure to connect and share with us on LinkedIn!