ASK: A 360-Degree Helpdesk Solution

When Avicado launched the ASK Helpdesk, we did so with a very specific goal in mind: to streamline the dozens of weekly requests coming in via phone and email from more than 800 users across hundreds of active projects in the construction phase for one of our clients.

With just two dedicated e-Builder administrators assigned to the account, we needed to devise a simple and efficient method of fielding requests, prioritizing them, ensuring their timely resolution and tracking various metrics that could be used to improve the overall user experience over time.

Our solution for our client was the Avicado Support Knowledgebase, or ASK Helpdesk: one centralized location that provides the organization with fast, accountable and measurable on-demand support. Now, all of our partners have access to improved performance for their teams with their own ASK Helpdesk where e-Builder administrators can easily track open, closed and pending tickets or requests.

Since most users’ requests vary widely, from simply being added to a project or updating data fields to requiring more in-depth training or troubleshooting, ASK includes the crucial capability of tagging each ticket as it comes in. These tags have been developed and fine-tuned over the years to fully capture how our clients use the system so that we, the consultants, can better analyze their requests and proactively suggest new workflows and processes that enhance the user experience.

It’s a win-win for everyone: Reducing the amount of time we spend on user management ultimately gives us more time for critical process development for our partners. While user management and ASK remain large and important facets of our job, they are behind the scenes and often go unnoticed. Through the ongoing use of ASK, Avicado was able to come up with a successful process roadmap with our client that runs into 2023, a huge victory we were proud to deliver for our client.

What is ASK?

The Avicado Support Knowledgebase serves as our 360-degree helpdesk solution, providing partners with efficient, accountable and measurable on-demand support. ASK was designed with the goal of improving teams’ overall performance within the e-Builder environment.


Our simple-to-navigate ASK platform enables e-Builder users to submit tickets via email, chat or phone. With ASK, users have access to instant, centralized support: Request access to new projects, report issues and more. Enjoy visibility into all open tickets and prioritize tasks to ensure projects remain on track. Options to group and tag tickets by request allow users to easily generate reports later on.


The ability to assign open tickets to a project point-person who is best equipped to carry out a specific task helps keep teams

  • Accountable on tickets assigned to them
  • Focused on providing optimum support
  • Dedicated to effective problem solving


ASK users have 24-hour access to a dashboard displaying real-time insights into tickets.

  • Track the number of open and resolved tickets
  • View turnaround time on tasks and tickets
  • Share data with team leaders in a clean format

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