Are you having trouble numbering rows in a mail merge?

Check out this great solution found by Avicado Consultant, Josh Mesa!

josh construction software consultant

When a mail merge is created by a dynamic grid each number gets a new line. After changing the format in the first table followed by the sequence in the second, the number sequence was no longer working. Instead, each line number was given a # of zero.

The solution: split the cell into 2. – Told by Josh. 

The Problem: Incorrect Auto Numbering Using AutoNum

Basically, I was using the AutoNum feature, but if I did that then it would start my first section at 1 and the next section would start at 2 or wherever the first section left off.

I then tried using the Numbered List feature, but that would put my number outside of my table start code so the MM would just spit it out with no numbering it all.

Solution: Leverage Where the Table Starts

To fix that, I just split the cell in two, putting the table start in the first cell and then the numbered list in the second cell and Boom there goes the dynamite!

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