Turn Your Data into Actionable Insights

Are you still reporting in your PMIS?

Take your data to the next level and create more flexible, in-depth reports using an external platform like Power BI or Tableau.

How Do I Know if it’s Time to Move My Reports Out of My PMIS?

It may be time to consider moving your reports to an external platform if you…

  • Have more data than you know what to do with
  • Have scattered data and reports but want it all in one place
  • Have reports or dashboards but they don’t provide all of the information you need
  • Are manually updating reports and would rather spend that time on more impactful tasks
  • Are switching systems and need to switch the data in your reports

Any of those ring true? Avicado’s Business Intelligence and Data Science experts to the rescue! We can meet you wherever you’re at to help turn your data into meaningful and actionable insights.

The Avicado Method

The Business Intelligence experts at Avicado will walk you through the entire process to deliver highly customized dashboards that provide the most impactful information for your organization. Here’s a peek into the process:

1. Understand key business objectives and KPIs

2. Identify, clean, and connect data

3. Analyze the data for trends and inconsistencies

4. Create insightful, well-designed dashboards

5. Tell stories that give meaningful insights and improve business strategy

Read how we helped a global data center create centralized dashboards and save over 1300 hours!

Leave unreliable insights in the past and start making better business decisions with insights you can trust!

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