Watch Your Assets: Exploring Technology Strategies to Improve Project Performance

Panel discussion at the 4th Infraday Midwest

We had a great time being a part of Infraday Midwest and learning about risk management from our panelists. Watch the session replay to learn:

  • The importance of data standards and how they can help with the portability of information across stakeholders.
  • Data issues that exist not only between design, building, and operations, but across local, state, and federal agencies as well. And how organizations like Construction and Material Asset Managers (CAM-AM) are coming together to discuss these issues and recommend solutions to them.
  • Different approaches to construction technology solutions and the benefits, risks, and challenges that come with each. Learn more in the Dodge SmartMarket Brief!

Want part one of the “Watch Your Assets” series? Get the recording from Infraday, California!

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