COAA e-Forum xChange 2023

July 11th, 4pm EST

Construction Software Tech

COAA’s eForum is a virtual discussion platform that allows members to broach matters of interest, exchange thoughts and ideas, share documents, and get real-time answers to the questions and challenges they face.

Nick will be there representing Avicado and discussing how owners are currently using technology in their capital construction projects. He’ll be referencing insights found in the newly launched Dodge SmartMarket Brief: Optimizing Construction Technology for Owners.

We’re looking forward to hearing everyone’s unique experiences and perspective and enhancing the industry through community. Here are some top-of-mind topics we’ve been thinking about that we’d love to discuss!

Discussion Questions to Think About

  • What does digital transformation mean to you? How have you seen it in your business?

  • What are the challenges your team has faced with adopting technology and where have they found success? What led to the success or challenges?

  • Where are things heading in the next five years? What are you excited about and what do you think is just hype?

Interested in joining the conversation? Get more info on the COAA website!