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Interactive BI Dashboards

Executive Cost Summary

  • High level financial information – ideal for executive viewing

  • Clean design with easily identifiable KPIs

  • Customized change management KPI performance ranges

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Project Financial Health

  • Customized project logos used as filters

  • Over 40 e-Builder financial reports all in one dashboard

  • Dynamic hierarchy allows you to slice and dice the data however you see fit

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Project Summary

  • Designed to be exported as a PDF handout or viewed on a computer

  • Many project reports can be created quickly simply by changing a filter

  • Ideal time saving tool for regular project meetings

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Portfolio Overview

  • Summary of all projects in a single portfolio

  • Program wide metrics all in one snapshot

  • Showcases how individual projects contribute to portfolio totals

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Project Budget and Schedule Health

  • Combines budget and schedule data highlighting relationships between the two

  • Shows project schedule progress at overall, phase and task/milestone levels

  • Allows for easy identification of off-track schedule milestones

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