avicado sync tool

Our Best-in-Class Suite of Pre-Built Integrations

Avicado Sync is a multipurpose integration tool dedicated to unifying your construction enterprise. With our intelligent suite of pre-built integrations, construction owners have the power to automate integral business processes from end to end while also ensuring their data is consistent and transparent.

How It Works

Avicado Sync unifies construction owners’ front and back offices with pre-built integrations that orchestrate processes from end to end, ensuring data consistency and transparency while improving overall efficiency. 

Our connector syncs data from your Procore instance to any target PMIS, ERP, CRM or open API endpoint. Owners can now seamlessly sync Cost and Non-Cost objects created in Procore to key operational owner software, from outside software to Procore, or a mix of both.

A Seamless Construction Technology Experience

  • Eliminate double-entry across PMIS; Avicado Sync speaks with e-Builder®, PM Web, Aurigo, Autodesk and more.

  • Sync key project data and information.

  • Sync RFIs and submittals between accounts.

With Avicado Sync, effortlessly update and connect:

  • RFIs 

  • Submittals

  • Daily Logs 

  • Contracts

  • Commitments

  • Subcontracts

  • Encumbrances

  • Purchase Orders 

  • Invoices

  • And More … 

Additional Features:

Our tool includes dedicated interfaces for reporting, manual connection and settings for your project team.

  • Updates to key vendor details in your ERP are automatically reflected in your PMIS software.

  • Creating vendors in your PMIS triggers a vendor sync in your ERP.

Contact us for more information about how Avicado Sync can unify your construction enterprise.