Unify Your Data and Integrations in a Single Platform

System Integration

  • Bridge the gap between data and action by connecting systems to applications of value

  • Simplify processes, making it easier to query and communicate with APIs

  • Minimize or eliminate additional work by investing in a foundation for integrations 

  • Reduce costs by allowing customers to switch endpoint

  • Empower users by allowing them to maximize their technology to perform their jobs

Why System Integration?

Our system integration solutions set up your organization for a truly connected construction experience. Utilizing the latest cloud-based technologies, Avicado’s integration experts lead construction owners and their teams through a complete digital transformation.

Services and Offerings

Boomi Integration Accelerator for NetSuite

The powerful Boomi accelerator offered in partnership with Avicado grants construction owners unparalleled business advantages, including maximized efficiency and efficacy with automated workstreams and fully synchronized data and updates for accurate status tracking.

Avicado Sync

Our suite of pre-built integrations unifies your construction enterprise by automating integral business processes from end to end while also ensuring your data remains consistent and transparent.

Custom Connectors

Avicado’s integration developers connect everything to everyone. We deploy tools that seamlessly integrate owners’ data across multiple software platforms.

Benefits of a Connected Construction Environment

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry

  • Integrate construction-based platforms with other systems including accounting, design, CRM, time-tracking tools and more

  • Connect different systems to streamline construction processes and create efficient practices 

  • Reduce development time by up to 70%

  • Quickly and accurately calculate ROI

Your systems work better together with Avicado’s System Integration solutions.