Stephen Vanrossem

Delivery Consultant

  • 10+ years experience as an accountant, analyst, engineer and consultant

  • Procore Certified Consultant

  • Procore-certified delivery manager

Delivery Manager and Procore Certified Consultant Steve VanRossem has garnered a decade of experience as an accountant, analyst, engineer and consultant across various technology verticals, with a dedicated focus on solutions. He is a people person who brings pragmatic, well-reasoned ideas, suggestions and commentary to both internal and external meetings. 

An expert in content services, business process management, process automation and intelligent data extraction, Steve’s multifaceted software experience spans the Healthcare, AP/Finance, HR and Higher Education sectors. His experience, insight and collaboration are invaluable assets to any team, while his friendly nature makes each interaction with him a pleasure. Steve is particularly adept at solution discovery—quickly identifying and solving a core issue—as well as explaining the technology behind it in a clear, calm and concise manner.

As Astrobuild’s Procore-certified delivery manager, Steve approaches complex business challenges with intelligent, bespoke automation solutions for our clients. Currently based in New York, he earned his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Accounting from Manhattan College, where he was captain of his Division 1 soccer team.

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