Olivia Barrett

Managing Consultant

  • 4 years of Project Management experience

  • 6+ Years of Civil Engineering experience

A civil engineer by trade, Olivia’s professional and educational background prior to joining Avicado make her an endless resource on any project in her role as a managing consultant. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology in 2015, Olivia went on to complete a yearlong internship with a Fortune 500 multinational engineering firm before diving into full-time project management positions at a handful of engineering, construction management and design-build firms.

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In her role just before joining Avicado, Olivia provided exceptional construction services with a general contracting and construction management company in the Greater Denver Area, where she currently resides. Olivia is a true expert in her field and a true joy to work with. Aside from engineering, her interests include architecture, design and lacrosse (she was the Women’s Lacrosse MVP while at Wentworth).

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