Molly Levin

Vice President of People & Talent

  • Recruitment and performance management

  • Leads Avicado’s women’s Group initiative

  • Responsiveness

As Head of Human Resources, Molly Levin has long served as the behind-the-scenes backbone of Avicado, making it her personal mission to meticulously hone, nurture and uplift our most valuable asset: our people.

After an impressive six-year tenure at Deloitte, ending in a senior role as Lead Performance Management Specialist, Molly decided to take a break from corporate life to focus on her growing family with Avicado’s founder and CEO, Avidahn Levin.

An integral supporter and contributor from Avicado’s inception, Molly could never quite step away from doing what she does best: building amazing teams. It didn’t take long before she made her role official.

Today, Molly leads all Human Resource efforts at Avicado, including recruitment and performance management, while also assisting in internal and external event planning, benefits enrollment and our Women’s Group initiative. When she’s not hard at work shaping the future of Avicado or co-managing a busy family, Molly dives into running Fitz & Friends, an online boutique of unique children’s gifts she launched in 2019.

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