Luke Kelley

Senior Data Consultant

  • 3+ years of Tableau experience

  • 2+ years of construction experience

  • 3+ years of project management experience

Luke is Avicado’s resident Tableau expert, boasting official Tableau Data Scientist and Tableau Data Analyst certifications and currently has a shiny new Tableau Desktop Specialist certification. His project management experience runs the gamut from the energy and healthcare sectors to commercial construction.

Luke is not only technically savvy, but he also brings a wealth of construction knowledge to the team. His experience as a Logistician in a humanitarian effort to build a 110k sq. ft hospital to serve the underprivileged in Bangladesh is one of the many ways Luke can make a notable impact.

A recent graduate of the University of Florida with a B.S. in Business Administration, Luke spends his free time exploring the outdoors and reading up on all things investing.

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