Christy Mesa-Sheehan e-builder consultant

Christina Mesa-Sheehan

Managing Consultant

  • Experienced business analyst

  • Leading e-Builder implementation solutions

Christy is an experienced business analyst with a demonstrated history working across verticals, including leading e-Builder implementation solutions for major health care, government, educational and commercial clients for more than three years. Highly motivated, friendly and adaptable, Christy’s upbeat attitude and natural curiosity for problem-solving make her an asset on any project.

Aside from her proficiencies in performing gap analysis activities, developing laser-focused client-facing documents, conducting dynamic training sessions and ideating creative software integration strategies, Christy is also a talented engineer who holds a B.S. degree in Geomatics Engineering with a minor in G.I.S. from Florida Atlantic University. In her free time, Christy volunteers as a foster parent to furry friends in need and creates beautiful handmade jewelry. 

Top Skills

  • Highly motivated

  • Friendly and adaptable

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