angela harris construction analyst

Angela Harris


  • 6+ years of Project Management experience

  • 6 years of construction experience

In her role as an Analyst, Angela manages Meta’s Data Center Improvement System’s (DCIS) process flow and technical review. This encompasses a bevy of critical services, everything from metrics tracking and data hacks to special projects and reporting. Based in Orlando, Florida, Angela brings to her role nearly seven years of experience as a Senior Construction Project Coordinator at a high-volume real estate investment trust.

Angela Harris avicado analyst

A talented cook and avid theme park-goer, Angela is happiest when she’s traveling, eating and drinking around the world. She loves music and singing—though she’s the only member of her family not to play an instrument, she insists she’s one hell of an orchestra/choir director. Naturally analytical, Angela also enjoys tinkering with puzzles and legos in her free time.

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