Abby Hudak analyst

Abigail Hudak


  • 6+ years of Data Science experience

  • Innovative and creative problem solver

With specialization in data analysis, visualization and management, Abigail brings her expertise in experimental, observational and “Big Data” data sets to her role as an Analyst at Avicado. Currently working on the Infrastructure Construction Management team at Meta, Abigail collaborates with engineers to establish usable and efficient data architectures for data analysis and reporting. Through her analyses and reporting, key business stakeholders are better equipped to make data-driven decisions about their construction projects.

Abigail earned her master’s degree in Biological Sciences from Washington State University, where she discovered her passion for solving complex problems using data. She has presented independent research at international conferences and has instructed at the university level, giving her invaluable experience communicating difficult concepts to wide audiences. Abigail is also adept at using R for statistical programming and data visualization and is versed in Python, Bash, SQL and Excel. She has high competency in statistical analyses, both descriptive and inferential, using methods such as mixed model, multivariate, and logistic regressions, analysis of variance, correlations and many more.

Abby-Hudak avicado analyst

A resident of Washington state, Abigail spends as much time as she can rock climbing, skiing or doing something active in the mountains. If she’s in the mood to relax, you can usually find her chilling out on the couch with her heated blanket and her pet lizard.

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