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Boomi Integration Accelerator for NetSuite

Bundled Back-Office Cloud Integrations

Avicado experts are uniquely trained to deploy the Procore NetSuite Accelerator, a bundle of pre-installed, industry-best cloud integrations. These thoughtfully developed integrations are used to synchronize key back-office and financial operations between your construction management software and your ERP.

Key Benefits

  • Improved Communications

  • Management of Costs

  • Ability to Scale and Easily Deploy

  • Easily Expandable and Interchangeable

Boomi AtomSphere: A Full Spectrum of Capabilities

The powerful Boomi accelerator offered in partnership with Avicado grants construction owners unparalleled business advantages, including: 

  • Maximized efficiency and efficacy with automated workstreams

  • Fully synchronized data and updates for accurate status tracking

  • Better collaboration across teams with reduced complexity

  • Faster insights to support decisions

  • Minimized retooling of existing technology

Use Cases

Project Synchronization:

 Sync key project information and data between NetSuite and Procore, including vendor and company information. 

Cost Codes:

Sync cost codes between Procore and NetSuite for improved project-specific cost tracking.


Update NetSuite with key budget information from Procore automatically, allowing for better cost controls.

Commitments and Change Orders:

Update NetSuite with subcontract and purchase order information from Procore automatically, capturing any change orders or contract modifications.

Project Cost:

Automatically update Procore with direct cost information from NetSuite journal entries, maintaining budget accuracy and providing field teams visibility directly in Procore.


Automatically create vendor bills in NetSuite for Procore subcontractor invoices, keeping billing information up to date.

Contact us for more information about how Avicado can help you deploy the Procore NetSuite Accelerator for your organization.