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Nate Strand

Junior Software Developer

  • Full Stack Developer on AstroBuild

  • Engineers best-in-class solutions

Nate is a Junior Software Developer at Avicado currently working on the AstroBuild team as a Full Stack Developer. In his role, Nate touches a large variety of the AstroBuild application components: everything from buttons on the dashboard to migrations for the database to load testing.

A recent graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Nate spent time as a freelance full-stack engineer before joining Avicado full-time. During his studies, Nate also completed a technical internship at the University of Miami’s Max Orovitz Laboratory of Neuromuscular Research Active Aging, where he created an algorithm to parse quaternion motion data from augmented reality tests, among other things.

Nate Strand avicado construction technology consultant

As a self-described “pretty nerdy guy,” Nate is a big fan of card games like Pokemon TCG and Magic the Gathering. He’s also recently gotten super into Monster Hunter, a Japanese action role-playing video game franchise.

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