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Michael Napolitano


  • Extends exemplary customer service to our partners above all else

  • Incredibly driven

  • Attention to detail and talent for multitasking

A creative, team-oriented problem solver and experienced Full Stack web developer, Michael works on Avicado’s development team to ideate and code our growing line of proprietary software products. His robust arsenal of development tools includes HTML5, CSS, JavaScript-ES6, MVC, OOP,  Express, Node, React, React-Router, Handlebars, SQLite, MySQL, GraphQL, Sequelize, MongoDB, Mongoose, PWAs, Bootstrap, Bulma, Tailwind CSS and JQuery.

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Never one to shy away from a challenge, Michael has climbed Mount Fuji and makes a killer Focaccia bread and Neapolitan-style pizza. In his free time, he also enjoys performing improv and sketch comedy around Orlando, Florida, where he is currently based.

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