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Hassan Tabatabayee managing consultant

Hassan Tabatabayee

Managing Consultant

  • 4+ years of construction management experience

  • Provides best-in-class service

Hassan is a construction management professional turned data professional. In his role as a Managing Consultant at Avicado, Hassan leads a team of consultants and analysts to report and help drive change and innovations in Meta’s construction management program, from project controls to financial management and design. Currently, he works with Meta to ensure that their data center CapEx construction program delivers by leveraging data throughout the organization to help drive construction-related business decisions, and also supports Meta’s construction global scheduling pillar.

Prior to joining Avicado, Hassan was a Business Intelligence Leader and Engineer at one of the largest electrical engineering and contracting firms in Houston, as well as an Operations Manager at Uber. He also dabbled as a part-time options trader, which helped fuel his passion for financial markets and data.

Hassan Tabatabayee avicado construction technology consultant

Born and currently based in Houston, Texas, Hassan attended the University of Houston, graduating Cum Laude in Construction Management. In his free time, he loves to travel and take in different cultures, experiences and foods. At home, Hassan enjoys taking inspiration from his travels and applying it in the kitchen.

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