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Billy Rippy


  • Deep background in electrical supply chains and quality management systems

  • Experienced auditor and software developer

A talented engineer with a deep background in electrical supply chains and quality management systems, Bill joined Avicado after an extended tenure at a leading Florida manufacturing company, where his work scope spanned everything from transportation and water treatment to agriculture and beyond. As an experienced auditor and software developer, Bill is incredibly detail-oriented and thrives in structured, deadline-driven environments where he can flex his problem-solving muscles. 

Bill is currently based in Southwest Florida and earned his B.S. in Engineering Technology with a focus on Operations from the University of Central Florida. Ask him about his time in the Eagle Scouts or how he became a four-time NCWA Wrestling National Championships qualifier.

Top Skills

  • Incredibly detail-oriented

  • Thrives in structured, deadline-driven environments

  • Problem solving

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